Tourist in Germany

For the first time I visited my homecountry as a tourist which was an interesting experience. I wasn’t in Germany for almost a year and it was time to see my family and friends for christmas and new years. Plus I wanted to show my country and former live to my fiance. We were both excited about the trip, booked flight tickets about 3 month in advance, applied for the visa and then we found ourselfs in the plane towards Germany. It was incredible how fast the time was running and even on the way to Germany I could hardly believe that I’ll be back home in just a couple of hours 🙂

We arrived Frankfurt in the early morning of Dec,22nd and my Dad picked us from the airport. He was prepared with my warm winterjacket and even some boots but gladly it wasn’t too cold so without changing clothes we started our drive to Weingarten/Pfalz, the village I grew up and my parents still live in. (,_Rhineland-Palatinate ) We had a warm welcome and a nice christmas celebration together with my parents, sibblings, nieces and nephews. We spend some days with my sister and her family in Mannheim, went for ice-skating in Ludwigshafen and had a lot of fun with her kids.

Next stop was Tauberbischofsheim to visit Tine, a friend I met during my travels in 2011. I’ve never been to that area of Germany before but it’s definitely worth it to go there. Tauberbischofsheim is located in northern Baden-Wurtemberg in the beautiful Taubervalley. ( )
Tine was a perfect tour guide for us. She showed us the nightlife of Würzburg, the old town including the castle of Wertheim. We went for some outlet shopping to Wertheim-Village and checked out a Thai-Restaurant in that area. I know it’s a bit funny to travel from Asia to Germany and then go to a restaurant to eat Thai food but it was really delicious and worth it to go there! After 2 days with Tine we started our trip to Munich.

It’s a three hours train ride with a short stop over in Nuremberg. All in all we had a smooth journey beside of the fact that we arrived Würzburg train station just a few mins before departure time. So it was a bit of a rush to buy the ticket, find the right track and hop inside the train. But we made it in time 🙂

It was really nice to be back in Munich and to see that almost nothing had changed during the last year. It still felt a bit like coming home for me and it was really nice to meet my friends again after such a loooong time. I showed Lawrence different parts of the city and we did a lot of walking at least as long as it didn’t rain. We went to the Olympiapark where the Olympic Games were in 1972, we saw th BMW-World, te english garden including the river surfers. We walked around Schwabing and I showed him my old flat in Ramersdorf. We went to the hospital and I showed him my former working place including some of my former colleagues. We had an awesome new-years-celebration with about 10 people at my friends place and btw thanks for that to Katrin, Tobi, Alex, Dani, Dana and Maik!

The highlight for Lawrence was definitely the visit of the Allianz-Arena including Arena-Tour and FC Bayern-Fanworld. But generally it’s an interesting Tour even if you’re more interested in architecture then in soccer 🙂 so even for me it was an interesting afternoon.

We went for shopping at the Riem-Arcaden one of the newest and, in my opinion, nicest shopping malls in Munich. We searched for the best Döner in town as Lawrence fell in love with this turkish fast food. In our opinion the best one we found at Ostbahnhof/ eastern station!

In in between all that we spend time with my friends, ate fresh homemade cheesecake (thanks for that Chrisi), had coffees and just enjoyed our time with doing nothing.

After a week we made our way back to my parents. We found a “Mitfahrgelegenheit” which is maybe one of the cheapest ways to travel in Germany. It’s a car sharing community in the internet where people offer rides through Germany. You just search for the connection from city to city and you get a list with all drivers and their contacts. The website is only in german but many of the drivers do speak english as well 🙂

In the end we spend another week with my family and all in all the 3.5 weeks were gone really fast. We had to pack our stuff again which was not as easy as we thought in the beginning and after my sisters birthday celebration we went back to Frankfurt on Jan,14th to catch our flight. The last highlight was that Romy came to meet us for a coffee at the airport before we went for te security check. It’s so nice to see that friends ar actually leaving their office and tell their boss it’s more important to meet at friend at the airport than to do teir job…thanks for that ❤ I guess that’s what friends are for!


DSC_0861% DSC_0863% DSC_0859% DSC_0858% At least a little bit of snow in the end... DSC_0841% DSC_0825% DSC_0824% DSC_0810% DSC_0808% DSC_0803% DSC_0798% Olympiaparc DSC_0772% BMW-World DSC_0764% DSC_0753% DSC_0749% DSC_0742% DSC_0740% DSC_0732% Riversurfers @ english garden DSC_0711% DSC_0708% Yummy Mashed Potatoes The Castle in Würzburg DSC_0691% DSC_0689% DSC_0686% DSC_0684% DSC_0672% DSC_0667% DSC_0664% DSC_0663% Wertheim DSC_0652% Würzburg by night Dance-Session DSC_0628% Iceskating is fun! DSC_0624% DSC_0621% German Christmastree :-) DSC_0585% DSC_0583% DSC_0579% Cathedral Speyer


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