WOW…I can’t believe that it’s more than a month since I wrote my last post. Time is flying so fast these days!

Last week we had a long holiday because of waterfestival. This year all the celebrations were canceled because the country is still mourning for King Sihanouk Norodom but anyways we had 6 days off.

The waterfestival itself is normally a big celebration where several million people from the cambodian provinces travel to Phnom Penh to celebrate for three days the end of the rainy season as well as the reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap River. Boat races take place along Sisowath Quay and it’s a big party along riverside.

We decided spontaneously to do a 2-days road trip during our time off to escpe from busy Phnom Penh. Because even if the boat races were canceled the city was quite crowded during the last days.

We left Tuesday morning with the car southwards along the national road 2. Our first destination was Tonle Bati a place to have a picknick along the river. It’s about 30km away from Phnom Penh but because of traffic and the road conditions it took us about an hour to get there. It’s a beautiful absolute non-touristy place and the place to be if you just wanna hang out and relax. We went there by car but it’s also possible to hire a TukTuk for a day. We spend there abround 3 hours in a nice little picknick-hut directly at the waterfront – eating, drinking, relaxing in the hammock and enjoyed the nice view over the river. Generally you could also swim there but the brown water was not really inviting.

From there we drove furthe on NR2 for about 10km to Phnom Tamao Zoo – a wildlife sanctuary. It’s a nice park area to have a walk and see lots of differnet animals…elephants, lions, tigers, sunbears, peafowls, deers, differnet monkeys, birds, turtles, wild pigs, iguanas and much more. Also to the Zoo you could hire a TukTuk in Phnom Penh to do a day-trip.

After the Zoo we drove further south on NR2 till Takeo, the capital of Takeo-Province. It’s a small and really calm city and Takeo itself has not that much to offer. But after this nice day outside we arrived at our beautiful guesthouse Daunkeo2 (www.daunkeo2.com). We had a room with fan for 7$ per night in a nice garden bungalow and just relaxed in their garden in the evening.

The next morning we started the way back to Phnom Penh with a stop at Phnom Chiso (Chiso Mountain). It’s about 30km north of Takeo also along NR2. Once we climed up the 412 stairs to the temple we enjoyed the amazing view over Takeo-Province. The oldest part of the temple is from 11th century and in between it’s more a temple ruin with some new build temples and buddah statues around.

It was a great short get away from Phnom Penh and am sure it won’t be the last trip to Takeo as the surroundings has a lot more to offer and the guesthouse is nice and amazingly cheap 🙂 Next time we might hire a bout to visit Angkor Borei and Phnom Da or drive further towards the Vietnamese border to Kirivong to enjoy the nature there.

It’s definitely worth it to do a trip to Takeo-Province especially if you wanna be out of the main tourist stream!DSC_0402%DSC_0406%DSC_0394%DSC_0425%DSC_0408%DSC_0441%DSC_0450%DSC_0446%DSC_0454%DSC_0400%DSC_0470%DSC_0427%DSC_0455%DSC_0472%DSC_0430%DSC_0473%DSC_0413%DSC_0422%DSC_0419%DSC_0465%DSC_0440%DSC_0474%


3 thoughts on “Takeo-Province

  1. lawrece says:

    Amazing trip. Looking forward to next one

  2. inga says:

    amazing pics!!! love them and am glad you have a good time!

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