Good bye Sweden

Finally after one year, one month and 5 days I got a letter from the Socialstyrelsen. The loooooong waiting has come to an end even if it’s not the end I expected.

After all this time they now made the decision that my german education in pediatric nursing and pediatric intensive care nursing is not accepted in Sweden. I could write them a statement in between 2 weeks and give them more explanations about my education but I decided not to do that. First of all my life changed so much during the last year that I lost my excitement about working in Sweden a bit plus it wouldn’t have been an easy start for us as a couple there I guess. A lot of pressure on Lawrence to find a Job in Stockholm and learning Swedish the same time he started to learn German.
Second…I’m just too proud of my education and work experience that I start to beg for a job in another country. I feel a bit sorry for the hospital cause they realized that I’m qualified to work there but now it’s in their hands…if they really would like to find qualified pediatric nurses for the neonatal intensive care in Germany they should put more pressure on their gouvernment to change the situation in general and make the hole process easier.

Live goes on and I’m just happy that this waiting has an end now…I say good bye to Sweden and hello to whatever comes next!

I really learned during the last year that you can’t plan your live completely and sometimes you have to make a turn to a new direction to find something way better which you would have never expecteted. If one door closes another one opens….and now I’m just waiting for the next “door” to open…


3 thoughts on “Good bye Sweden

  1. Lawrence says:

    Nice post and I like the picture at the bottom

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