Looong time no see…

I didn’t write on my Blog for quite a while in between, sometimes there’s just nothing special to write about sometimes (honestly) I was just too lazy to write. But now I’m back and here’s a summarize of the last 1.5 month.

First of all our big Trip to Bangkok and Nigeria. We stayed for 4 days in Bangkok and it was really nice to come back to this rushy, big city. They major reason for our stay was SHOPPING 🙂 and relaxing. So we went to different Malls (MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World, Terminal 21) went for a massage and enjoyed the delicious thai food. Plus we met Jekky again, she was the first person I met in Bangkok during my big trip…she hosted me twice and we became friends in between. It was really nice to meet her again and grab some yummy street food together.

Oh…and I shouldn’t miss to recommend our hostel in Bangkok – CheQinn Hostel. It’s brand new, opened just a couple of month ago and we really enjoyed our time there. It’s a great location just 5mins walk to Nana-BTS-Stop, nice staff and a welcoming atmosphere. They have dorms as well as private rooms. Check out their fb with more informations and contact details: http://www.facebook.com/CheQinn

After 4 days we were ready to enter the plane again for a loooong flight throught Addis Ababa/Ethiopia to Lagos/Nigeria. We spent 3.5 weeks together with my new family. I met all my sisters, brothers, in-laws, my second mum and grandma plus many, many kids – and all I can say is I never felt so welcomed in my life! They took care about me, protected me from all the “bad boys” – though I never really met one 🙂 , cooked all varieties of african food for me and were really happy that I tried everything. Almost everything is a bit spicy but I enjoyed it.                                                                                                           Beside of that I now have a wardrobe full with african cloth in different colours and styles.

Because of some private reasons we couldn’t do that much sightseeing but we’ll do that for sure during our next trip – that was a promise from everybody 🙂  We spend the most of the time in Warri in the Delta-Region, it’s an industrial city with couple of oil companys. Beside of that we went to Ibadan and Lagos and there I had the chance to go to one of the local markets which was an interesting experience.
I was definitely the attraction for all the people around me and am pretty sure many of them haven’t seen a white person before. I forgot to count how many guys wanted to marry me or my sister, I never had so many proposals during one hour that’s for sure 😀

It was hard to say good bye at Lagos Airport end of August and I really miss all of you but I promise we’ll be back!

Back in Phnom Penh I first went to my school and YES…am employed again…I’ll start teaching at CIAPP again from tomorrow on and am really happy to see all my old and new colleagues AND the kids. Two month without work, it was nice to be on holiday again but I missed work and am happyto start again tomorrow.

Now in Cambodia we’re in the middle of the rainy season but surpisingly it doesn’t rain a lot…I was wondering since I moved here how it might be and in between I was a bit worried that the water might come inside the house – but thankfully it didn’t happen so far and I hope it won’t happen during the next weeks. We had some rain showers but not even every day and when it starts to rain it’s quite heavy and the street is flooded sometimes. But all in all it’s not too bad. I kinda enjoy it – the smell of the fresh air after a rain shower and the bit lower temperatures as well.

Another big event was our Engagement…we just had three weeks to arrange everything and here I wanna say a big THANK YOU to our friends Daniel, Ketrya, Martin and Emily – without you guys it would have been maybe impossible to arrange everything perfectly.

It was a nice ceremony and a great party afterwards, all in all a memorable day in our both live! Sadly non of our family members could join and also my friends from Germany weren’t able to come around but the wedding will be together with all of you for sure!


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