Emergency Cases

It’s a kinda serious post this time, but few days ago something happened and I can’t stop thinking about it.

But first a little flashback – couple of month ago I had a conversation with another german woman and we talked generally about life in Cambodia or better life in Phnom Penh. She told me that one of her friends was involved in a moto-accident and had a lot of trouble afterwards (short-version 🙂 ) The main advise she gave me was:

“Whenever you see an accident on the street, no matter if you’re involved or not, as long as you can walk/run/drive just do it as fast as you can cause otherwise you’ll definitely be the one who will pay for everything in the end. Maybe not because it was your fault just because you might be the only person who is able to pay!”

Well it was always in my mind and sure I saw a couple of accidents in between but it was never really serious…broken eggs, scratches on arms or legs, but never a serious injured person.

The whole thing changed three days ago, I was on my way with the TukTuk to meet a friend late in the evening.  While driving I saw a huge crowed of people on the road and there are just two reasons for that:

1. a fight between some people

2. an accident

First I saw just a motobike laying on the street but the atmosphere was strange – quiet, some of the women were crying. My driver slowed down to see what’s going on and then I saw what happend. In the mid of this crowd was a young cambodian guy laying, unconscious and heavy bleeding. Just one guy out of the whole group tried to help him.

I first thought about what this german woman told me on the other hand I know how hard it is to be alone in such a situation and it’s way easier to handle it with 4 or 6 hands.  It might have been to late for this guy anyways but otherwise maybe he had a chance – who knows?!

My driver passed the accident and we went further on but I felt really bad cause I didn’t do anything. It’s my profession to help, I’m used to emergency cases but I just passed by cause that’s the way it is here in Cambodia. In Germany I had to go to the court, maybe pay a fine if I would fail to assist a person in danger.

When I heard the story couple of month ago and got the advice just to leave whatever happens it sounded strange but it didn’t effect me that much. Now after I was in that situation myself it felt so wrong to act the way I acted. It’s really hard to accept such a rule when you grew up in a social society where it is a must for everybody to help in emergency cases!


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