Good bye Sweden – Hello Cambodia

The swedish bureaucracy seems not to work really fast…they try to decide about the legalization of my german nursing education since  8 month and the decision ist still not made.

But I decided in between that I’m sick of waiting for them and just sitting around here in Phnom Penh and getting more and more bored. Means I’m not waiting anymore for them instead I’ll settle my life here in Cambodia a bit more. That doesn’t mean Sweden is canceled forever…I still would like to work in Stockholm and improve my knowledge in neonatal intensive care nursing. So if they’ll accept me one day the hospital has to wait for me  till I’m ready to move there. If it is not working out I’m sure I can find another opportunity to improve my nursing skills anywhere else.

My plan right now is to find a job in Phnom Penh. I wrote some applications for nursery teacher positions and am still waiting for their responce. Let’s see how it is going on but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to find a job soon. I’ll stay in Phnom Penh for another year together with my boyfriend and in between we’ll make our decision where we’ll move next. It will be definitely a country in Europe to be closer to my family and friends…maybe Sweden…maybe Germany…let’s see 🙂 and in between I enjoy my life here in Cambodia.

I’ll keep you updated!!



4 thoughts on “Good bye Sweden – Hello Cambodia

  1. Daniela says:

    Na, dann wünsche ich dir viel Erfolg bei der Jobsuche und den Vorstellungsgesprächen.
    Bis bald und eine gute Zeit

  2. Dani says:

    Hi Kadda,
    das ist ja super. Wo arbeitest du jetzt?
    Wünsche dir einen guten Start!
    Liebe Grüße

    • Hab einen Job als Nursery Teacher an der Western International School…habe eine Gruppe von 20 2-3jährigen Kindern…ist eine herausforderung macht aber Spaß 🙂 und die Kollegen sind bisher auch alle nett, hab sogar eine deutsche Kollegin!

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