Cambodian Cooking Class

As I love cooking and I really like the cambodian cuisine I joined a cooking class together with Micha.

We booked a class at the Frizz Restaurant ( and on the menu was:

  • Fried Spring Rolls
  • Banan Blossom Salat
  • Kroeung (base of the Fish Amok)
  • Fish Amok
  • Sweet Rice with Mango

We met in the morning at the restaurant and went first all together to the market to buy some ingridients and learned a lot about the different vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.

Afterwards we went to the cooking school, a nice kitchen on the rooftop with view over the city – nice! We learned to roll the springrolls correctly and fried them – delicious and so easy to make!

Then we made our own Kroeung, a curry paste which is the base of Fish Amok or the Khmer Curry. Garlic, Chili, Shallot, Shrimp-Paste, coconutmilk, peanuts…everything smashed together to a creamy paste and then marinate small pieces of fish fillet in it while folding a bananleaf to a bowl. Therefore you cut circles out of two leafes and fold about 6 edges all around, fix everything with toothpics and the fill the fish-curry inside. Now everything need to be steamed for about 30mins and there your are…

Next dish was the Banana Blossom Salat which is a really simple dish, prepared in about 10mins. The dressing is the typical sweet sour sauce made out of garlic, chili, shallots, sugar, lime, fish sauce and water. First we cutted the leafes of a banana blossom in small stripes, mix them together with peanuts, small slizes of boiled chicken and the dressing and you have a delicious fresh salat.

Last but not least we cooked sticky rice for our desert, melted palmsugar and cutted a Mango in small pieces…arranged everything in a really tricky way put some black sesame on top and the caramelized palmsugar around – YUMMY!

We had a nice and funny day while cooking on the rooftop and I was surprised how easy it is to cook the typical Khmer dishes. Everybody who is around town and likes to cook should join a cooking class and I completely recommend the Frizz Restaurant cause the whole day was perfect organized.


2 thoughts on “Cambodian Cooking Class

  1. Simone says:

    Sieht sehr professionell aus!

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