Long time no see…

Hey there…maybe you were wondering if I’m still alive or if my accident was more serious than I told you…but honestly I was just to lazy to write something šŸ™‚

So, what happened during the past weeks?! In the beginning I was just laying around cause I could hardly walk, put my leg up high and stayed in bed most of the time, surfed around the WorldWideWeb, watched movies and read a lot. But after two weeks of doing nothing I was really bored and couldn’t motivate myself to do anything :-/

I was so happy that right that time Micha arrived here in Phnom Penh – so exciting, my first visitor from Germany…and the best thing she brought a (kind of) fresh Brezn (prezel) from Munich with her šŸ™‚

Micha spent two weeks here in Cambodia. Sadly we weren’t able to travel together but we had a great time exploring Phnom Penh. We went to the Kings Palace, walked along Riverside, enjoyed many massages, had a manicure, checked out the different book stores here. We went out for dinner, drinks, … went for shopping at Sorya, Sovanna, Central and Russian market. All in all we had a nice, relaxed and funny time together and I enjoyed hera lot!

The two weeks together were over way too fast…but in between another two friends from Germany are planing to visit me in May/June. It’s unbelievable how many people would like to come around, but I’m happy about everyone who will visit me in the future!

Another funny thing happened one night Micha and me were out for some drinks around Riverside. We walked along the street and passed two guys…on of them turned around looked at me and said in german “we know each other”! I thought “nice try” šŸ™‚ and couldn’t remember him at all. Embarrassingly he was right…we celebrated NewYears 2012 together in Germany on a small hut in the middle of a snow storm in the german alps – isn’t it funny to meet each other again in the middle of a huge crossing in Phnom Penh with all the chaotic traffic around us?! Such a small world šŸ™‚

What really annoys me in between is the job situation…one of my german students canceled in between cause he actually hadn’t enough time to learn between job and MBA. So there are just two of them left, which means I’m working for exactly 3hrs per week and the rest of the time I’m spending with housework or just hanging around. I’m off since my last work day in September 2011 and in between I really look forward to start working again šŸ™‚

7 month of doing sweet nothing is enough I guess…

As I still don’t have a response from Sweden I decided to give them a last chance. So deadline is April,5th…if they don’t get back to me till then Sweden is canceled for now and I’ll stay another year in Cambodia and I really like the idea of staying longer in Phnom Penh!

After our holidays I’ll start searching for a job again middle of April…teaching, nursing, …let’s see what will happen. I’ll keep you posted!


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