First Aid in Cambodia


This perfect day in the surroundings of Kep had a rough end … on the way back on the dirtroad after a long curve was a waterpipe crossing the street and as I wasn’t sure if we just can drive through I tried to slow down before it. But because of the gravel and dirt on the the road we started to slip and fell down. As my leg was underneath everything and scratched along the ground I had many scratches from the knee downwards and a deeper wound on my foot which was heavy bleeding … but no more details …



My first thought was … damn I’m in the middle of nowhere at the cambodian counrtyside, my foot is bleeding and everything is dirty around me, I hadn’t even a clean tissue to put on and I had no idea how we’ll come back to Kampot.


I tried to walk back to some houses to ask for help but my circulation was pretty bad so I just lay down in the grass, put my feet up and was happy that my foot has stopped bleeding in between. So we called our guesthouse and they arranged us a pick up but we had to wait another 45mins which is actually not too bad.


So I just lay in the grass Cindy was beside me and then the entertainment got started … I guess we met every single person who is living in that village nearby…from the children up to the grandparents, sometimes I had a crowed of 30 Cambodians around me and all were just starring at my leg. I’m sure I was the attraction of the month for them 🙂


Nobody could speak english but they definitely talked about my wound, about Cindy and me and they try to figure out what exactly happened.


A bit scary was the moment when this old farmer with is axe arrived … he was really friendly looking but I was wondering what exactly he wants to do with his axe – amputate my leg? Kill me cause it’s easier to die fast instead of slowly with an infection? Well, who knows … but I’m still alive and also my leg isn’t gone 🙂


In between there was a group children beside me and we had a lot of fun tickeling each other and giving high five … they were smiling and it was a great distraction to joke with them. Then there arrived a man who could hardly speak english he wanted to help us but communication was nearly impossible. So he called a friend who was able to translate … he offered us to organize a pick up who could bring us back home and me to a hospital – that was so nice but well the pickup was already on the way.


Another 5mins later the next guy arrived with a big black bag and I couldn’t believe my eyes when he started to clean my wounds and desinfect everything in a really professional way. The last thing I expected was first aid in th middle of nowhere in Cambodia – but he was real! After cleaning he put a bandage around the worst part on my foot and my knee and so the most important part was done. The dirt was washed away and everything was desinfected in less than an hour from the accident.And for this whole service he charged me 5$ – incredible!!


The pickup arrived during that time as well and so I could just walk to the car, lay down at the backseat and they drove us back directly to Bodhi Villa where we ordered food for dinner and some drinks. The people around me were just lovely and cared perfectly about me. The cutest one was Sophie, she was actually a guest from another guesthouse and just came around with her husband for some drinks. She told me she’s physiotherapist and I shall just yell her name if I need any help. She organized some icebags and placed them on my leg …


Even if it was a bad situation I’m so thankfull for everything … to made this great experience with the cambodian Villagers, for the help of the Bodhi Villa Staff, the „pick-up-Crew“ and last but not least for Cindy’s help and and all the lovely and caring people around me.


It’ll take some time till my foot is healed but all in all it could definitely be worst!




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