Kampot again and Kep

I welcomed my first visitor during the last week. Cindy flew in from Jakarta for a short holiday and her first visit in Cambodia. We decided to go to the south for a 3-day-trip and left Phnom Penh by bus from Sorya Bus Stop at early sunday morning.

It took around 4 hrs down to Kampot and we checked in at Bodhi Villa again. Sunday afternoon we just biked around Kampot along the riverside, saw the Gouverneurs-Villa and the prison, went for a massage at the “seeing hands” and enjoyed the beautiful sunset before we cycled back.

The evening we spent at Bodhi Villa, had dinner there and met a group of germans – they are everywhere 🙂

The next day we rented a motorbike and started the ride towards Kep which is a small fisherman’s village 25km east of Kampot. We went to the Crab-Market, drove along the coastside and stoped a couple of times to enjoy the scenery. One of the highlights was the Stop at on of the loval tempels. We were the only vistitors there and as the monks just had their lunch break in the temple we weren’t sure if it’s allowed to go inside.

But then we met this old female monk she couldn’t speak any english but she showed us to follow and placed us in front of the buddah statues. Then one of the monks joined us as well and he was happy to practice his english 🙂 So we spend about an hour at this temple, they offered us lunch and tea and Seth Noeun explained us a lot about the monastery and the life of a monk. What an amazing experience!

From there we went to Ankoul Beach (Secret-Beach) it took us a while to find the right way but finally we made it and had along relaxing break there. I had a swim, we slept in the Hammock and one of the locals served us a cold coke -life is good!

Around 4pm we started our way back and stoped at another temple on the way. The plan was to drive back to Kep to have some seafood for dinner and enjoy the sunset as well … but the trip ended up in a different way, but that’s another story!

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