Germany in Cambodia

Long time no see … I know it’s been a while since I wrote my last post but I was quite busy during the last two weeks – not really an excuse but here you are, my next Story about my life in Phnom Penh.

Honestly I was really surpised about how many germans are living in town and especially about how many people would like to learn german here. So it turned out during the last week that I found my first paid job 🙂

First Eva from the Goethe Institut recommended me to Matt, an Aussie guy who would like to learn german cause his girlfriend is german and they wanna travel to Germany soon. Two days after he contacted me I met Anja and Sybille, they are both living in Phnom Penh since a while and both are working as german teachers. Sybille introduced me to Poul he was searching for a privat teacher for his daughter Rebecca and so it turned out that I had two students already. Both of them are on the same level … means zero.

Couple of days later Eva sent me another Mail with the contacts of Pascale, she’s as well searching for a teacher for her daughter. Elfie’s dad is german and she already speaks the language so they just need somebody to keep her level and teach her once a week. Fine, all that happened in one week … I’m teaching five hours per week in total – it’s something I’ve never done in my life but the start was quite easy and I really enjoyed the lessons so far.

The next surprise happened last sunday. At the Meta-House, the german-cambodian-cultural-center, was church service in german. There is a protestant church in Bangkok/Thailand ( and the priests from there try to offer service in the neighbour countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia) at least once a year which is not much but I was happy to be able to join it. I couldn’t believe how many people joined the service. I guess we were at least 30 people, many young families and a huge groupe of children as well. Beside of the locals there were a group of german politicians and the EED (protestant development service). They just arrived in Phnom Penh and will stay here for a week to visit the different development projects to see the benefits for cambodia and their citizens.

After church service they offered lunch and so I met a bunch of local germans … I’m invited to a German Book Club – they read a book every month and meet end of it to talk about it) and to a German lanuage meet-up called “Wir sprechen deutsch”.

Welcome to Germany in Cambodia 🙂


















2 thoughts on “Germany in Cambodia

  1. Daniela says:

    Hallo Katherina,
    danke für die Bilder von Sylvester. Ich freue mich, dass du deinen 1. Job gefunden hast… und es hat noch was gutes, so verlernst du die deutsche Sprache nicht 😉
    Liebe Grüße

    • Das hat Alex auch schon gemeint 🙂 Aber was denkt ihr denn alle wie schnell ich das verlerne…ich bin doch grade mal 6Wochen weg… Außerdem spreche ich hier in Phnom Penh fast genauso viel deutsch wie englisch, was ich so gar nicht erwartet hatte 😉

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