Kampot and surroundings

After three weeks here in Cambodia I decided that I need a little break … and as long I don’t have a job here I think I should see as much as I can of this beautiful country. So I planed a 5-day-trip to Kampot in southern Cambodia and left Phnom Penh on Wednesday Feb,1st.

I took a Minibus from Psar Damkor, there’s not really a schedule for them but as there are about 12 busses driving down to Kampot/Kep you don’t have to wait too long for the next one whenever you arrive at the busstop. It was an easy busride for about 3.5hrs and I had a quite comfy seat in the front.

The first “problem” I had in Kampot, they wanted 10$ for the ride what in my opinion was too much. After a lot of bargain and discussions I paid 5$ which still was more than the normal price but I was fine with that. They try to charge me more money cause I sat in the front and the told my I used three seats so I have to pay three times?! But as I shared the front seat with another guy and with my luggage I said that I won’t pay for three seats cause 1. they should have told me before that it’s more expensive in the front and 2. if they want me to pay for three seats they need to offer me three seats … well in the end everybody was fine with the 5$ and a really nice moto-driver brought me directly to Bodhi Villa (www.bodhivilla.com).

Bodhi Villa was a recommendation of a local Couchsurfer and it was definitely a perfect place to stay in Kampot. From the first minute you arrive you feel like coming home. Jos and Hugh are always around to treat their guests and all the travellers and expats who are staying there acting like a huge family. It’s such a chilled and welcoming atmosphere that it’s really hard to motivate yourself for some exercises πŸ™‚ It’s so nice to hang out around the bar, just reading a book in one of the really comfy seats, have a swim in the river in between and enjoy the delicious food and/or some drinks in between, … there’s no need to do anything else.

But if you wanna leave and have some adventures Kampot and surroundigs has a lot to offer… cycling around the tiny little town, visit some caves or waterfalls around, rent a moto and drive up Bokor Mountain or drive to Kep, a small fishermen’s village just 23km away. From there you can take a boat to rabbit island, hang out at the beach or visit the Kep Nationalpark … and this list goes on and on …

To be honest I didn’t do that much πŸ™‚ On thursday I rented one of the bycicles and biked around Kamot town, had a coffee and the best curry of my life at the Rkitikitavi-Restauarant. I got a relaxing foot-massage at the “seeing hands massage” and after enjoying the sunset at the riverside I went back to Bodhi Villa.

Friday was really exciting cause I rented a motorbike (automatic-scooter) and tried to ride a bike on my own the first time in my life … and what shall I say, it was great fun worked out perfectly and I’m sure it wasn’t the last time! First I drove along the river with Fiona to get a bit familiar with the moto and after I could handle the straight road I headed to Bokor Nationalpark and drove up the winding street to Bokor Mountain. On top you can visit a “ghost town” some old ruins inclusive an old church and you can enjoy the wonderful view over the gulf of thailand (if it’s not too cloudy πŸ™‚ )

The only strange thing up there is that some russian investors build up a huge resort and hotel complex which in my opinion is completely crazy … and honestly this hotel is the most ugly building I’ver ever seen in my life. Especially cause it is not fitting at all in this beautiful nature around. So if you wanna visit Bokor Mountain you should do it as soon as possible cause once they opened this massive holiday-resort I’m sure it won’t be that nice anymore!

My plan for saturday was to drive to Kep and rabbit Island but the only bad thing of my motorbike ride was that I was really sunburned afterwards. Even if I used 50+ sunscreen my shoulders, hands and legs were deep red 😦 So I decided to cancel Kep cause another cunbath at the beach wouldn’t be really helpful … but as I’m sure that I’ll be back in Kampot I can spare that for my next visit.

So I just had a lazy day at Bodhi Villa … Hugh treated me with Aloe Vera … and I used a lot of moistureizing bodylotion. I read my book (Rafik Schami – The dark side of love … totally recomendable!!!), had a swim in between and nice conversations …

All in all it was a nice break in between my job hunt and now I’m full of energy to start the next week.

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