Crazy life

WOW … what a crazy week it’s unbelievable how much did happen during the past couple of days. In my last post my “problem” was that I felt a bit stucked and didn’t know my next step and then it turns out that I just need some time and patience and everything will be good 🙂

But let’s start from the beginning … on monday morning I got an E-Mail from the Puthisastra University if it’s possible to come around for an Interview on Tuesday morning … if it’s possible? Hmmm, let’s think about it …

So I went there on Tuesday and had an interview with the director of the Uni and of the Faculty for health and sience. They wanna start a new education for nurses with an international standard and wanna build up an international team to support them – that sounds amazing, a great opprtunity and a challange as well. And beside of that I could start to teach english there as some of the students are not fluent in it yet and some day maybe I also can teach nursing skills. Let’s see how that project/job goes on …

Beside of that I had an interview with Cornelia Grade at the GIZ … and they support a great project here in Cambodia and are working together with different hospitals in some provinces. I could work as a practical teacher at one of the hopitals and support and teach the students in their internships, do practical teaching in the hospital as well as build up and develop the nursing education here in Cambodia. Well but there are two “problems” … first if I would start working for them I need to move away from Phnom Penh cause all the hospitals are quite far away from the capital. Means I would have a distance-weekend-relationship which I don’t really wanna have. And the second point, they don’t have a vacant position right now and that won’t change for at least half a year. Which is not too bad cause I don’t need to make a decesion. So I sended my CV to Ms Grade and she’ll keep me in mind.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with Eva Pritscher from the Goethe-Institute in Phonm Penh. It would be possible to do a german-teacher-education here in Asia and teach german at the GI but the problem is the next course starts in April in Bangkok … so if I wanna do the course I need to move there for three month in total and that’s not really an option for me! After that 3-month course you can do some online courses at the GI to get the “green diploma” and finally after a year or so you’re able to teach german at every GI all around the world (outside of Germany). That would be a great opportunity as well but I don’t think that this is an option for me right now.

But beside of that education Eva gave me two contacts in town. Sybille and Anja are also from Germany and maybe we can start together something like a playgroup or “class” for children at the GI. There are families living in Phnom Penh how are interested that their children are learning german and there’s no offer in town so far. Wouldn’t be a well paid job but it sounds like fun to do something like that 🙂

In between of all the interviews and meetings I started practising Yoga again and joined two classes at The Flicks Community House … it feel’s so good to be back into Yoga and Oscar is a great teacher as well. Even if the classes are totally different from the Bikram-Lessons I had so far I felt full of positive energy afterwards and it’s a present from me to myself to go there 1 or two times a week …

Beside of the story a couple of pics this time … I know, not that many but I’m working on it to get some more of them 🙂 So be patient with me and I’m sure I can show you more impressions of my life here in Cambodia pretty soon!

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2 thoughts on “Crazy life

  1. Daniela says:

    Hallo Kadda,
    es ist immer wieder schön von dir zu hören und zu merken, dass es dir gut geht. Ich hoffe, dass du bald deinen Traumjob ergatterst. Danke für die schönen Bilder.
    Liebe Grüße aus good old Germany

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