Happy New Year

As a European for me New Year was always January, 1st and honestly I’m a bit confused about all the different New Years here in Asia. But it’s also interesting to see these tradition – the only thing I’m wondering…why do the cambodians celebrate the chinese new year right now if their khmer new year is actually in april?!

I was interested in how many new years you can find around the world and so I asked google/Wikipedia and was really surprised that all around the world existing nearly 40 different New Years … the most of them from january till late spring but also a couple of them in autumn. Did you know that?

So a bit more about the Chinese New Year or also Luna New Year and btw it’s similar to the Vietnamese New Year. It is every year on the new moon of the first lunar month and can actually be between january,21st and february,21st. of the gregorian calendar. Every year is marked by one of twelve earthly branches, represented by an animal and one of ten heavenly stems which corrospondent to the five elements. It is the most important chinese celebration of the year.

And yesterday the year of the dragon has started … so Happy New Year to everybody



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