First week in Phonm Penh

After a long but quite relaxed 16hrs-flight I arrived at 10am at Phonm Penh international airport. When I saw the queue at the visa-on-arrival-counter I was really happy to have my Visa in my passport already.


To get a Visa for Cmabodia is easy, you can get travel and business visas on arrival at the airport and also at some overland-border crossings. Normally you need a letter from your employer to get a business visa but as I just start looking for a job once I’m in Cambodia I conntacted the Cambodian Embassy in Berlin ( They recommended me to get my Visa before I leave just in case the have some questions after my application.

So I sended Passport, Visa Applicationform plus pic and the receipt of the money transfer to Berlin. Surprisingly I got my Passport inklusive the busniess visa back in between two days – unbelievable!!


At the airport I was really surprised that Lawrence picked me up himself cause he told me a friend will do that and we’ll meet at home – but it was such a nice suprise and so good to see him again 🙂


Well after some days of relaxing at home, sleeping and adjusiting to the climate we started to search for job offers in the internet. As I think it’s hard for me to get a paid job as a nurse here I was really happy to find a job offer at one of the international schools here in Phnom Penh. They are searching for a school nursing assistant and I just recently send my application to the ISPP ( No I have to wait if I get an inviation for an interview.


Beside of that I conntacted the GIZ (, that’s a german agancy for developmental work all around the world and they do have an office in Phnom Penh and projects all around Cambodia. They got back to me quite fast and even if they don’t have a vacant position right now Ms Grade was really interested to meet me. We do have an appointment next week so let’s see what she can offer me.


And if it’s not working out with both of them I’ll search for a teaching job at one of the language schools. Just in case it’s taking a while till I get a paid job I’ll contact the hospitals here to get an internship in between cause just hanging out here and beeing houswife is not an option 🙂


It’s definitely a different feeling to live here in Phnom Penh than just be the traveller … but I like it here! The people are friendly, smiling and talkative as I had it in my mind. And our new home is a beautiful house in a nice neighbourhood.

But a new start in a new city is always not that easy. Beside of Lawrence and his friends I don’t know anybody … so I need to search for some new friends and hobbies to have (beside my relationship) my own life here in Phnom Penh. Thanks to cochsurfing ( or better some local Couhcsurfers I found a quite cheap to practice some Yoga. Sadly there’s no Bikram-Studio around town but I wanna take some classes at The Flicks (


Thanks to Romy btw to introduce me to her friend Dary, she’s living in Phnom Penh and we’ll meet up for lunch tomorrow.


So, first week here is over and it seems a bit like time is running … I’m looking forward to whatever is coming next and I’ll definitely keep you postet!



2 thoughts on “First week in Phonm Penh

  1. Simone says:

    Hey Kadda! Cool, dass du wieder bloggst. Aber wie waers mal mit ein paar Fotos?

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