Project Sweden

When I quitted my job in Munich I started looking for work opportunities in other european countries. As I’m a fan of scandinavian countries and the neontal care concept in Sweden is on a really high level I was happy to find the Baltic Training Center in Rostock ( ).


They are searching for nurses in different fields to work at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. So I wrote an application in April 2011 and short time later I got my invitation for an interview with the swedish partners in Rostock – YEAH!

First step to work in Sweden is done but I had to wait for the interview till September 2011. In between I should send all my documents (translated in english) to the Socialstyrelsen in Stockholm and they’ll decide about my working licence. And this process ist taking a while …


Everything started quite easy but now I’m waiting for my working licence since nearly 5 month and it’ll take another two till I really now if it’s possible to work in Sweden for me or not!


The interview in September was great, a really relaxed atmosphere and the two nurses from Sweden were really positive and said they would like to have me over there and if it would be possible they would take me with them right away BUT they also have to wait for the decision of the Socialstyrelsen.


The “problem” in the whole process is my german education for pediatric nursing. The normal german nursing education is well accepted over there and a german nurse can easily work at the neonatal intensive care even if she’s not educated for that kind of work. I worked in exactly that field for nine years in Munich and it’s not sure if they’ll accept my education in the end and if I’m able to finally work in Sweden – that’s not fair in my opinion, but I can’t change it!


Well, now I just have to wait and on the other hand I have some new plans. I travelled for nearly three month through SE-Asia and fell in love in cambodia so after a short visit of family and friends during christmas and new years I’m now back in Phnom Penh and wanna try to get settled here and find a job … I think that’s my first mission in 2011!


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