Hello world!

My name is Katherina, I’m 29 years old and born and raised in Germany. I lived and worked in different areas and the past 9 years I spend in Munich.

I’m a pediatric nurse since 2002 and worked nearly the whole time at the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in Munich-Harlaching. I did some further educations for intensive care nursing and practical teaching. During the past  years I taught practical nursing skills to the students on our ward and hold a class about protective skin care for neonates at the pediatric intensive care education/LMU Munich.

End of 2011 I decided that I need a break, quitted my job and started travelling through SE-Asia for 2.5 month. I’ve been to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It was the first time for me to blog about all my experiences and I used the travel-Blog of my best friend for it  ( http://girlsonmission.wordpress.com ) As I really enjoyed blogging and share informations and the positive feedback was enormous I decided to start my own Blog from now on.

I wanna write about my travel and working experiences around the world. The focus should be on cultural differences and my personal travel tips as well working conditions an opportunities for nurses in different countries.

Before I left Germany in October 2011 I applied at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm/Sweden. I would like to live and work in another country for a while and as I heard that the neonatal care concept  in Sweden is really good I think it would be a great opportunity for me to work there.

I had my interview and the hospital accepted me but it’s taking a while to get my working licence there and so my plan to start learning the language and work there from january 2012 on is not working out.

So I figuered out a Plan B … which is I’m flying back to Phnom Penh/Cambodia in january and will try to find an internship/job at the Kantha Bopha Children Hospitals there.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my Blog and I’m awaiting your feedback (in english or german)!

All the best, Katherina


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. emmanuel says:

    your blog is really interesting. I might be wrong but did you spend the last week end in Paris and went out in La Bastille. You look like a person a met, a nurse from Munich. We spent a nice time, and hope you came back safely in your city.

    • Hey Emmanuel,

      am sorry but you’re mixing me up…haven’t been to Paris the last weekend. As am living in Cambodia right now it’s a bit far away to go there. Seems like I have a twin 😀

      But it’s good to read that you like my blog anyways,

      bye Katherina

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